Hey man, what’s going on?

Pics from Encore

Then When tore up the stage at Encore (5/22/2023). We can’t help it, we ruin everything 😉 Pics or it didn’t happen…

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Rialto Showcase at 191 Toole

This one’s a big deal! Then When are celebrating the release of their latest EP, Entitled, soon to be available on all streaming platforms. Come join Then When, Theocide, Something Like Appropriate, Saguaroville, and Donnyvoidance and rock out 191 Toole on Saturday, June 17th. It’s going to be a spectacular…

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Done, done, on to the next one

Thank you to all the crazies that rocked out with us at 191 Toole! You’re our people \m/ \m/ Next up, Encore on Monday, 5-22-2023 supporting Worldwide Panic come out and help us ruin everything!

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Worldwide Panic at Encore 5-22-2023

Then When are proud to support Worldwide Panic on their Survival of the Sickest Tour on May 22nd at Encore. Also appearing are Hell*Doubt, Love Elixir, and Arsenic Kitchen. Come out and start your week off rocking!

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Then When at 191 Toole, Tucson, AZ 7-1-2022
Video by Mark A. Martinez